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At BizBlitz SA, we have a burning desire, drive and passion to make a positive difference in the business sector which enables us to create networks and opportunities for imparting our knowledge and extensive expertise, to support the ordinary South African’s dream of building an authentic and viable business. We achieve this through planting and helping grow local networks for and with SMEs, as well as independent business owners that attend our monthly networking events that are relevant and provided simplified training and development. We also render professional business services that supports the growth and sustainability of small businesses, at a fraction of the time and cost it takes when using larger agencies.

Business Networking

What we do

Business Services

Businesses, no matter the size or industry, spend a fourth of their time on general business management activities like planning, administration, hr, finance, marketing, it, and customer management.

Learning Academy

Continuous improvement comes as a result of reflection and learning new skills that can be applied and turned into systems and processes for success. BizBlitz, thus, provides digital as well as face-to-face learning.

Business Networking

BizBlitz is passionate about supporting and rooting for small business success and for this reason hosts regular business networking events to help local businesses build a community.

Brand Development Services

At BizBlitz we change how people perceive your brand; add value to your brand and help you get recognise.

Business networking

At BizBlitz SA we have a community that gets together and shares experiences, knowledge, best practice, wins and losses.  It is a place we call home, where we sit as entrepreneurs and small business owners and converse, learning from each other’s experiences.

Be part of the movement that is shaping the future of small  business in South Africa

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