About us

About us

BizBlitz SA was founded in 2018 when two igniters, Leana Leonard and Surisa Nel, discussed, over a cup of coffee, ways in which they could find clients and business in a tight economic environment. They talked about the potential of creating a funnel for business and soon realised the need in the market for Business-to-Business (B2B) support amongst start-ups and small local businesses and that is how BizBlitz SA came into existence. The BizBlitz SA flame is now carried by Leana and new partner, Louisa Masango.

BizBlitz SA has since grown the network and is fast becoming the beacon of light that is re-igniting communities and local businesses in South Africa. It is our hope that BizBlitz SA will continue to make a positive impact that not only grows the SME’s, but adds value to their owner’s personal development as well.

What we do...

BizBlitz reduces the costs related to and fast tracks the process of learning about, launching, managing and growing a business for the budding entrepreneur and small to medium business owner.

Why we do it...

At BizBlitz SA, we have a burning desire, drive and passion to make a positive difference in the business sector which enables us to create networks and opportunities for imparting our knowledge and extensive expertise, to support the ordinary South African’s dream of building an authentic and viable business. We achieve this through planting and helping grow local networks for and with SMEs, as well as independent business owners that attend our monthly networking events that are relevant and provide simplified training and development. We also render professional business services that supports the growth and sustainability of small businesses, at a fraction of the time and cost it takes when using larger agencies.

How we do it...

  • Make a positive Difference: We shape mindsets and enhance the lives of whom we interact. Ours is a journey and mission of touching lives and stimulating collective growth so that in turn those who have been positively impacted by BizBlitz SA could continue to do the same for others.
  • Authenticity & competitive advantage: Embracing diversity and the development of customised solutions that speak to the uniqueness of each business owner and their ventures.
  • Interdependency: Ubuntu is at the core of everything we do. Our interconnectedness is the strength that keeps us progressive and continuously improving.

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How can you get involved?

It is our wish to grow the footprint and reach of our two initiatives (BizBlitz Learning Academy BLA & Leading Lady Entrepreneurs Network) and to achieve this purpose, we require a sponsor or associate that can assist with funding BizBlitz and our dream of creating a community of small business owners who can play with and like big businesses.

We are moving forward in achieving our goals and reaching out to fellow entrepreneurs through all our projects and activities.  You are therefore cordially invited to:

  • Attend any of our Free Training and Networking sessions
  • Book your seat at one of our Workshops
  • Support us in spreading the word about what we do
  • Follow us on Social Media
  • Fund and sponsor our projects
  • Use any of our additional services like our Graphic Design, HR, Project Management, Coaching, Consulting and CIPC services.

Sponsorship and relevant funding support for the development of relevant content and the resources required to disseminate it to as many platforms as possible, would be appreciated. It is our objective to impart skills and spread the influence on as many business owners, entrepreneurs as well as aspiring business owners as possible.

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