Business Network Services

Business Network Services

BizBlitz is passionate about supporting and rooting for small business success and for this reason hosts regular business networking events to help local businesses build a community, gain exposure, create brand awareness, make new connections, share wins and losses; and learn from one another’s experiences as well as keynote speakers and industry experts that grace the BizBlitz networking occasions.

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Social Entrepreneurship Initiative - Leading Lady Entrepreneurs Network

The Leading Lady Entrepreneurs Network is a Facebook Group and online platform that was established by OBSS (PTY) LTD under the leadership of one of BizBlitz SA Directors, Louisa Masango. The purpose of the group was to bring together like minded women of South Africa to share, grow and thrive together in Business & Career, Emotional Intelligence, Finances as well as Health and Beauty related matters. The Leading Lady Entrepreneurs Network provides opportunities for discussions, business marketing, mentoring and coaching, FREE training resources, events and more that are related to the four pillars of importance in every woman’s life, namely: Business and Career, Emotional Intelligence, Finances as well as Health and Beauty.

It is our hope that women who are part of the network will gain visibility for their businesses, clarity in areas of uncertainty in their career and business endeavours, boost their confidence as leading ladies and influencers of their immediate surrounding; and most importantly run a lucrative businesses that will grow the economy and create employment opportunities. It is our hope that ladies who are part of the group will each establish and run businesses that will create a minimum of two permanent jobs by the end of 2021.

Leading Lady Entrepreneurs Network was established on 16 February 2020 and has to date, approximately 200 followers and counting. The group is managed by team of five ladies who are each running their own businesses full time, permanently employed or doing both. Their professional backgrounds include business administrations, operations, human resources management, insurance, legal, project management, procurement and supply chain as well as events management.

We cannot distance ourselves from the glaring reality that entrepreneurship is no longer for a talented few, but it has become a life skill that all South Africans, more so ladies, must acquire for survival and livelihood.  The South African economic landscape requires the development of entrepreneurial skills and effective business management; and for this reason, BizBlitz is playing a strategic role in assisting Leading Lady Entrepreneurs Network to change the mindsets about entrepreneurship, ease the transition and create sustainable businesses for the women who are part of this programme. Through the use of training resources, and application of the business model used in BizBlitz SA training, the Leading Lady Entrepreneurs Network participants will, too, become a group of empowered contributors in the SA economy. They will have the confidence and knowhow required to establish and effectively manage their own businesses whilst creating employment opportunities and lasting legacies.

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