Learning academy

Learning academy

Continuous improvement comes as a result of reflection and learning new skills that can be applied and turned into systems and processes for success. Bizblitz, thus, provides digital as well as face-to-face learning that enables entrepreneurs to have easy access to quality tutorials, books, eLearning modules and a myriad of other resources. The training provided is in support of the growth and development of entrepreneurs so that they are better prepared to meet the dynamic nature of the economy as well as respond appropriately to the needs of the environment and changing technology.

At BizBlitz...

At BizBlitz we have a community that gets together and share experiences, knowledge, best practice, wins and losses. It is a place to come home to, where we sit around a table and converse, learning from each other. Based on this culture we decided to launch the BizBlitz Learning Academy aka BLA with a few collaborators that work together to build platform and content to enable entrepreneurs to have access to quality content, books, eLearning modules and other resources. The BLA has one distinct feature, adaptability to suit the needs of our members, clients, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and interested Stakeholders.

The team consist of a few collaborators that each bring their expertise to the table and adds value to our stakeholders. The expertise includes the development of eLearning modules, Project Management, Business development and Coaching, Graphic Design, Support, Digital marketing, Strategic planning and execution, Narration and packaging of products.

Our eLearning Platform with all our courses are coming in the near future.